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Architectural multimedia and cultural creative visual display solutions leader

The only one professional curtain led display supplier in the industry

Shenzhen Unilumin Joyway Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Joyway Technology Co., Ltd.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300232).

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    Research And Development

    12 years of deep cultivation, to achieve the subdivision of the industry leader position. Ten years and six generations product, the world's first product standardization, integration, serialization.

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    Unilumin Joyway Pingshan Science Park more than 10,000 square meters manufacturing base.

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    Quality Control

    Each batch of products will go through strict air tightness, water drenching, vibration, high and low temperature and 72 hours product aging test before leaving the factory.a

Our Advantages

Excellent innovation, unique design, professional production, sharp sense of the market.

60 +


Unilumin Joyway create distribution network all over the country, more than 100 dealer outlets, equipped with professional pre-sale and after-sales engineers

The company has more than 30 exhibition halls and exhibits throughout the country, committed to providing customers with the most professional, the most timely localized services and support!

1000 +


A total of more than 1,000 outdoor media, architectural multimedia landscape, creative display projects.

35 +

Export country

Our products are exported to 35 countries around the world 600 enterprises cooperated to witness it


Total installation area of the project

The total installed area of the project ranks FIRST in the subdivision field More than 1000 projects The total area of the project is over 150,000m².


The first year of the Joyway

Joyway was established in Shenzhen, originally positioning itself in the LED display market as a producer.


Joyway Four Years

The first integrated outdoor curtain led display product in the industry


Joyway Seven Years

With the continuous upgrading of products, we have become the leader of Media Façade market and defined the new standards of the grille display.


Joyway Eight Years

A leap into professional architectural lighting. Developed video lighting products with the technology of led display screen, subverted the traditional lighting industry


Joyway Nine Years

To become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilumin Technology Co.,Ltd (stock code: 300232)


Joyway Decade

With innovative solutions, the company has become a leader in the field of architectural media


First Year of Unilumin Joyway

The company was renamed Unilumin Joyway Tech Co., Ltd. and building on synergies with Unilumin’s global presence.


Resource interoperability, win-win cooperation, we look forward to establishing close cooperation with more companies and creating a higher level of cooperation mode